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Recently I finished my masters degree in the field of computer science at the University of Paderborn (Sep. 2013). The topic of my thesis addressed in particular the analysis of academic social networks and the use of gamification in the context of scientific conferences.

As my major field of study was in the area of Human Computer Interaction, I got in touch with several topic-related research fields and learned to apply the appropriate techniques and tools (e.g. Data and Information Visualization, Computer Graphics, Haptic Devices and Machine Learning).

Alongside my studies, the last two years I worked as a student assistant in the field of web development, focusing on Ruby on Rails backend and Javascript (SPA) frontend development (ginkgo).

Besides that I am very interested in the astonishing recent developments of and around the web – and in the mobile sector. Also I prefer to be the owner of my data, I feel at home in the Open Source community and I strongly support the use of crypt0 and an0nymizing technologies.

I like my robustly brewed, black and with no sugar, thanks! =)
photo of Dennis Buecker

The easiest – and my preferred – way to reach me is via email. Please contact me on my personal address.

As much as I love the Indieweb you may also contact me via not so indie services.

You prefer the good old snailmail? Here you go =)
Pfarrer-Wiggen-Str. 59
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
+49 163 7348560